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Teachouts with Tycho

During most Tuesday and Thursday strike days, I will be out on the Meadows with Tycho the golden retriever during part of our usual class time. We will aim to be near where Jawbone and Coronation Walks meet, near the Pavilion Café, around 4pm. Tycho will be there to make friends, play, relax, and support students and staff during a stressful time. I will be there to talk with you informally about how the history of science connects to present-day scientific labour and the issues of the industrial action.

Weather can be variable, so please dress appropriately, and check this site for topics and any variations in time and place.

Tentative Schedule

9 February, Thursday, 4pm: Science as a Vocation; academic careers, then and now; labour in the life sciences; your questions and interests.

14 February, Tuesday, 4pm: Bodies on the line for science; experimenting on bodies; bodies in the scientific workplace; different bodies in and for science (race, sex); the science of work; your questions and interests.

16 February, Thursday, 4pm: Cyborgs, future bodies, and the promises of science and labour; universities as places for bodies (infrastructure, ventilation, virtual spaces, etc.); catch-up on topics from above; your questions and interests.

maybe another day, as 28 Feb strikes have been suspended: Metrics and rankings in universities; the science and politics of calculating pensions; your questions and interests.

Future topics TBD and hoped unnecessary, as we would all like a resolution to the strike!

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